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Published: 20th January 2011
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To lose weight and burn fat you can choose the exercise bike workout as a core fitness routine. That does not signify that the stationary bike is clearly better than other exercise equipment. It is however a time proven piece of machinery and does have some advantages especially if you pick out particular kinds of bikes. The type of bike can be a fundamental to success with an exercise habit. Read on to find out why...

An exercise bike workout is one way to burn up quite a few calories in a hurry. For example, for a 150 pound person here's what happens. Pedaling really hard and fast burns about 9.6 calories per minute. Less vigorous work means a bit less results but in general it's about 300 calories used in a half hour ride. Of course coasting along at an easy pace may produce almost no results. After all, it's work that uses the calories...

Pick another machine and the results will be different but maybe not as different as you may think.

Row a stationary machine at moderate pace and burn 7.9 calories per minute. Step aerobics burns 11.3 calories per minute on a 10 to 12 inch step. Bicycling at 12-13.9 mph uses 9 calories per minute. Running 5.2 mph gets rid of 10.2 calories per minute.

In effect they are all about the same...

You must burn about 3500 calories to shed a pound of fat. That's a lot to get rid of at 300 calories per program. But it really is more involved since the manner that calories get consumed depends on if we're considering fats or carbohydrates or protein. Each is consumed as energy sources but all get used differently. Burning fat takes some time as you can see.

But where the stationary bike riding really excels is the cranking up of metabolism. See the right kind of workout can actually make your body a better fat burner. Exercise bike workouts can help speed metabolism especially as muscles get built and stronger. That's why lots of exercise books encourage some kind of weight training. It's the muscle building that can speed fat burning and make getting leaner a bit faster and easier than it looks like it should be to start. But what about the different kinds of exercise bikes?

As you can easily see, it takes time on a bike or whatever you use to get much in the way of results. It's steady, regular workouts that will get you where you want to be. So the bike you choose should be durable and the design such that it encourages hard and regular use.

Cheap bikes will often self-destruct in short order... It's just a matter of how quickly the come-apart is complete. That's why the better deals are really in the moderate-priced machines that are built heavy and durable. Whether a recumbent like the Schwinn 240 recumbent or an upright, either type will do. Many if not most mid-range bikes are magnetic drives and computer controlled... That means a quiet and smooth ride. What's more, the computer heavy bikes make for a more interesting ride and one that's less boring to the rider. It's just plain old boredom that puts a stop to many exercise bike programs... Computers on exercise bikes are imporatatant mostly as boredom stoppers after all. There is a completely different approach though.

The fan resistancebikes like the Schwinn Airdyne make for a completely different experience you see. By combing a workout for the upper and lower muscle groups the whole experience is more invovlved and potentially more interesting. That is another way to keep it fun and not boring. In addition, by using almost all the muscles the bikes help boost muscle and thus increase the metabolism rate and speed fat burning.

It takes time to get rid of fat with any kind of exercise. Exercise bike workout time is one of the more convenient ways to get a workout and that makes for more time spent and less time wasted. It's just that the magnetic drives are found on many bikes now and can be a real plus for an interesting workout that will get done and produce results. But then, the fan resistance bike like the Schwinn Airdyne make it interesting in a different way but acn also keep it less boring and more encouraging. In the final analysis to get good results takes some time at the machine and it must be time spent regularly to really produce much in the way of results.

Use exercise bikes to exercise all year long. The Schwinn Airdyne upright exercise bike helps you burn fat with a trusty tool.

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